Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Invitation to Lobby

I will be at the State Capitol on the 2nd floor February 2nd. Please join me and tell your story to state legislators. These stories are very important and legislators need to hear them. You can influence emergency school funding legislation with your story. Please consider joining me on February 2nd.

Indiana Public Education Funding Crisis

Children's critical learning opportunities in elective subject areas and fine arts programs are currently threatened by funding deficiencies from education budget cuts here in Indiana.

The Art Education Association of Indiana knows program cuts are taking place in public schools across the state as a result of the funding crisis.

U.S. Citizens can not build a strong America without comprehensive educational experiences for future generations. Test prep, narrowed curriculum experiences will not provide optimal learning experiences for our future generations. There are important reasons why fine arts learning experiences were placed in public school curricula in the first place.

Stay informed on this important, underpublicized public crisis.

You do not have to be a member of the Indiana State Teachers Association in order to follow the ISTA Legislative Hotline ( ).

Education emergency funding legislation is currently being debated and formulated in the Indiana General Assembly and your state senators and representatives need to hear from you.

Take action.

If you have not called or written your state lawmaker yet, I urge you to consider doing so as soon as possible.

Contact your legislators ( ) and encourage them to support education emergency funding House Bill 1367 or provide other real solutions to the education funding crisis that our children, staff and educators had no roll in creating.

We cannot afford future failures of imagination.