Friday, August 2, 2013

Why is "this" a huge problem for Tony Bennett?

By now, news of Tony Bennett's nefarious acts of data manipulation are well known throughout Indiana and the rest of the Country. My question is this. Just what did he mean by "This is a huge problem?" The fact that one of his top donor's charter schools was not an "A" list school? Or was it something else? Was Bennett alluding to the fact that the A-F school grading system, standardized learning experience and state mandated high stakes testing is not an optimal way to educate children? Bennett could have pursued other directions in reforming schools such as alleviating student-teacher ratios, making class sizes smaller or emphasizing the arts in education or making sure the 1.1 million children who attend public schools are not suffering from food and health anxiety. But no. He had another agenda. Millions of taxpayer money went to high stakes testing publishers McGraw Hill and to privatizers of public education. There are more questions that need to be asked, for example why was the Indiana State Board of Education not protecting Hoosier children from data manipulation? For those of us who are concerned about the disinvestment of Indiana public education and policy manipulation by the likes of corporate reformers and stealth public school privatizers like Tony Bennett and his cohorts, this is only a beginning. 

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