Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Bread and Butter of Fine Arts Experience

I had the privilege of listening to two great art educators speak about creativity during the A.E.A.I.'s State Conference this past November 4th and 5th in Indianapolis.

American art education treasure Enid Zimmerman gave a talk at the I.M.A. about educational strategies that promote the development of creativity in her presentation, "Being a Creative Art Teacher."

In addition, my friend and colleague, professor emeritus from Goshen College Marvin Bartel followed up with a compelling presentation for optimizing learning experiences that promote creativity and divergent thinking capacity by striking the right balance between direct instruction and student directed learning. Dr. Bartel discussed the importance of going beyond stimulating the "mirror genes" and teaching for problem posing skills and the ability to develop and generate ideas.

In our schools today, their is no other place like the art room, devoted specifically to creativity development, a critical 21st Century Thinking Skill. While other industrialized countries are investing in creativity development, the U.S. education system is shortchanging children's critical learning opportunities by cutting fine arts programs throughout schools across the Nation.

Please contact the advocacy committee of the Art Education Association of Indiana at campak14@yahoo.com if you know of a fine arts program serving Indiana school children that is being threatened by cuts or marginalization.

Our children's creative capacities are a national resource we cannot afford to waste.