Friday, June 15, 2012

IDOE's Next Reform Measure? Dumbing Down Education

In the final analysis, this is what REPA 2 will do to the educational experience of Indiana school children. The IDOE will not get quality educational experiences in the classroom with teacher candidates who have no formal education or training in the education sciences and can merely be placed in a classroom by passing a single standardized teacher licensing test of which I received an invitation to help create. 

 I will not participate in any Indiana Department of Education sponsored professional development activity with Pearson or any other IDOE vendor that will create conditions in Indiana Schools for the de-professionalization of teachers and administrators. It takes much, much more than passing a test to become an educator. The development and implementation of REPA 2 ultimately marginalizes opportunities for children to engage in personally meaningful learning opportunities with bonafide expertly trained and educated teachers of professional schools of education who have extensive knowledge in curriculum development, education methodology, cognitive psychology, child development, education history, classroom management and practicum experience.

There is no scientific evidence concluding that non professionally trained teacher candidates outperform teachers who have extensive knowledge and education from professional university education programs.   "Although some have suggested that perhaps bright college graduates like those who join TFA may not require professional preparation for teaching, we found no instance where un-certified Teach for America teachers performed as well as standard certified teachers of comparable experience levels teaching in similar settings." 
 Want to comment on REPA 2 rule change proposals? Do it here:
Time to begin writing Indiana State School Board Members:

Tony Bennett

Tony Walker

Jo Blacketor

Cari Whicker

Sarah O’Brien

Neil Pickett

Michael Pettibone

Daniel Elsener

Vicki Snyder

James Edwards

David Shane

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