Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Self Expression and the Common Core....

I was shocked to learn that Common Core Academic Standards architect David Coleman, a literary scholar and McGraw-Hill edu-entreprenuer with no background in child development or classroom teaching experience, doesn't think much of honoring children's opportunities for expressing time sensitive ideas and feelings. 

In a 2011 presentation to N.Y. Dept. of Education officials, he made the statement, “People don’t give a ‘sheet’ what you (students) feel or what you think (,” describing his rationale for the de-emphasis of personal expression in the development of language skills in the new National education standards.

This statement provides insight into the corporate educational establishment’s view of children, teaching and learning.

After 28 years in the classroom, from my perspective, I understand that in order to promote the healthy mental development and physical well being of children, learning should be a joyful adventure and the acquisition of knowledge should be vivid and engaging. Due to biological and environmental factors, EVERY child has a unique structure of mind. 

Is it fair to children that the Common Core reduces even further student learning opportunities through imaginative engagement?

Coleman’s inference that a stream of depersonalized text oriented seat work is the remedy to solve America’s education crisis is problematic. Results of the High School Survey of Student Engagement reveal 67 % of survey participants are disengaged from exactly these kinds of learning experiences similarly prescribed by Coleman. 

Children thrive in learning situations where their imaginative realms are engaged and their ideas are honored.  

Opportunities for children to attend art class just became more important....

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