Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Are You Mad Yet? High Stakes Testing Increases Incarceration Rates

A new study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research reveals a devastating fact that is quite startling.
"We evaluate the effects of high school exit exams on high school graduation, incarceration, employment and wages. We construct a state/graduation-cohort dataset using the Current Population Survey, Census and information on exit exams. We find relatively modest effects of high school exit exams except on incarceration. Exams assessing academic skills below the high school level have little effect. However, more challenging standards-based exams reduce graduation and increase incarceration rates. About half the reduction in graduation rates is offset by increased GED receipt. We find no consistent effects of exit exams on employment or the distribution of wages."

The antidote to high stakes testing? Something fine arts teachers and their colleagues have known for quite come time. Authentic assessment and authentic learning are the keys to transformational educational experience.

You can read more here.

I do not mean to be dogmatic about this request, but concerned citizens who understand there are dangers to high stakes testing can do something about this.

You can make a difference.

Tell your congressional representatives to ditch high stakes testing.

Make a 911 CALL TO ACTION on the Reauthorization of ESEA [ Elementary and Secondary Education Act] - REAUTHORIZE with CONDITIONS!

Contact them now!

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