Saturday, January 25, 2014

Education Deformers Advocating for the Intensification of High Stakes Testing Don't Really Give A Crap

It's true! Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that the arts and other multi sensory, trans-disciplinary learning experiences that connect at a deep emotional level do in fact promote cognitive growth like no other educational experience, the corporate education deformers who make education policy do not care if the arts are cut, class sizes increased or children's curricular learning activities mechanized and narrowed.

Please consider joining me on January 27th, 2014 Monday afternoon as AEAI participates again with the Indiana Coalition of the Arts annual Advocacy Day event at the Indiana State Capitol.

Contact me at if you are planning to attend and I guarantee we will provide you with every opportunity to express your thoughts on the importance of arts education and it's impact on children's intellectual growth directly to your legislators.
The ruling polyarchy and opulent minority who heavily influence education policy in the U.S. advocating for high stakes testing have yet to provide a conception of the human mind and a rationale as to why one size fits all standardized assessments that do in fact drive educational experience in our nation's schools are good for developing intellectual growth in cognitively diverse populations of children.

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