Monday, March 3, 2014

Network for Public Education Calls for Congressional Investigation on Overuse of Standardized Testing

Is there too much standardized testing taking place across the country? Absolutely! The affect of the overuse and mis-use of standardized testing is having an absolutely devastating affect on education in this country. Standardized testers are all about test performance but don't care at all about the process and complexities of learning and what that means for individual children. This is problematic because it means children are objectified and their unique capacities as human beings are marginalized. There is no reason to utilize creativity in the classroom with the emphasis on standardized testing because test data is all that matters. Art programs have been marginalized or cut since Indiana adopted the test-first-ask-questions-later approach to education policy making. I urge teachers, parents and concerned citizens to consider supporting this call for US Congressional investigations of the mis-use and over-use of standardized testing. Contact your congressman here:

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