Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Advocay Day Feb. 21: Be Ready!!!

Tomorrow will be a big day at the State Capitol. Arts Advocacy Day will have company when I believe many, many folks will join us inside and around the Capitol to voice their own concerns about new legislative proposals.

Because I have to teach tomorrow, I will be at the capitol at approximately 4:00 PM. Unlike past AA Day events, there will be no tables or display areas this time. Please go to the 2nd floor tomorrow if you can and lobby your legislators to reconsider bills that decrease funding for public schools. It is bad policy to rob Peter to pay Paul, which is what they want to do. In the process, public school staff and programs are left in the lurch and that is when we face program cuts and higher class sizes. Some of their proposals, if enacted, will definitely limit children's opportunity for a quality education. Please see this link: .

I hope to see you at the State Capitol tomorrow....If you need more info on the event check this link out:

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