Monday, February 28, 2011

March 5th Capitol Rally! Support Public Education!

If you can get to the Capitol on March 5th for the next big public education rally, I encourage you to take some time off this Saturday and get to the State House at 2:30 PM.

I was at the Capitol steps last Saturday with a lot of folks who are concerned with recent legislation proposed by Indiana lawmakers and the negative ramifications it will have on workers, teachers and public education. The event was electric to say the least. If you can make it to the Capitol this March 5th, I encourage you to do so. Bring a sign and dress warm.

The vast majority of Indiana fine arts programs are in the public schools. If the Indiana Legislature thinks it can rob Peter in order to pay Paul, in other words, de-fund public schools in order to pay for vouchers and new charters, they will in essence be cutting music, art, p.e., foreign language and many other critical subjects out of the public education curricula in order to fund their version of "education reform." De-funding public schools is NOT education reform. I will bring that message to lawmakers next Saturday! See you at the State Capitol....

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