Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Children who need fine arts experiences the most, arent recieving those experiences.....

This just in from my friend Robert Valiant.

You can read the report here: http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2012/2012014.pdf 

 Despite the rhetoric of Secretary Arne Duncan who is relieved that fine arts education has not been significantly cut further since his appointment as Secretary of U.S. Education, learning in the arts across the K-12 spectrum has been continuously marginalized since the implementation of NCLB.

I have some problems with this DOE report. The study covers only a two year period and it does not utilize the input of fine arts educators in the field.

Bob Sabol's report is one that is most important especially when one considers he received input from over 3400 art educators 84% of whom provided detailed info stating that NCLB has had a negative impact on student learning in the visual arts.

"You hear students say, `I found out who I was because I was able to explore my identity in the visual arts,'" said Bob Sabol, president of the National Art Education Association. "It validates who they are as individuals."

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