Monday, April 23, 2012

REPA 2: Time to Take Action

Public comment for REPA 2 is coming up. 
Wednesday, April 25th, is the date for public input at the Indiana Department of Education in the Riley Room in Indianapolis. Stay tuned for more info.

What are your thoughts? Should fine arts teachers, music teachers or any teacher for that matter be allowed in the classroom without university knowledge of methods, pedagogy, practicum experience or psychology of learning?

Would you trust your child's health to a medical doctor who had some knowledge of the human body and disease, limited experience with patients and lacked comprehensive training in the field of medicine?

Here is a link to the IMEA's excellent analysis of REPA 2.

A link for public comment will be forthcoming as soon as the IDOE posts it. Note that there is not much publicity for this issue nor will there be much lead time to make a public comment once the link is posted.

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