Thursday, September 6, 2012

The High Costs of Standardized Testing in Indiana....

State treasure: Indiana tax payers are out of $46,229,751.00 in education funding diverted last year from public schools and paid to out-of-state standardized test publishing companies.

Time: six weeks of test prep substituted for new learning across the curricula? Get the details here at Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education.

Top that off with the physiological toll high stakes test stress has on America's children and one has to ask this question: Is the runaway train that is high stakes testing good for the educational and psycho-emotional development of students in U.S. Public Schools?

If you would like to express your concerns with the Indiana Education Select Commission, you can contact them here:
Rep. Robert Behning, Co-Chairperson
Rep. Rhonda,
Rep. Timothy Brown,
Rep. Edward Clere
Rep. David Frizzell
Rep. Kathleen Heuer
Rep. Cindy Noe
Rep. Jeffrey Thompson
Rep. Greg Porter
Rep. David Cheatham
Rep. Clyde Kersey
Rep. Vernon Smith
Rep. Shelli Vandenburgh
Sen. Dennis Kruse, Co-Chair
Sen. Carlin Yoder
Sen. James Banks
Sen. James Buck
Sen. Luke Kenley
Sen. Jean Leising
Sen. Scott Schneider
Sen. Earline Rogers
Sen. Frank Mrvan
Sen. Timothy Skinner

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