Sunday, November 18, 2012

REPA II: Your Response Needed! The Deprofessionalization of Special Area Teachers by the Indiana Department of Education

It's back. Here is a summary of REPA II's rule changes that would affect fine arts and special education teachers licensing criteria:

"What does it mean for students, parents and taxpayers to have teacher candidates without a comprehensive professional education background, working with students in fine arts or special education classes across Indiana Public Schools?

What kind of learning experiences are children likely to encounter with adults who have little or no training in education methods, pedagogy or child development who have been selected to teach visual arts, music or special education students?

Do parents and taxpayers expect special education, fine arts and music education teacher candidates to have extensive training as professional educators in the areas they have been intrusted to engage Hoosier school children in?" 

Here (log in to Google) are some talking points.

Why the rush to REPA II?

Contact the Indiana State Board of Education before Dec. 5th and voice your concerns.

Please share with your parent groups! 

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