Friday, November 30, 2012

What happens when non-educators reform public education....

From Dov Rosenberg
"Education Reform, beginning with the No Child Left Behind 
Act and continuing with Race to the Top, has produced no US score 
gains on international tests in science, math, or reading. There has 
been no shrinking of the "test score gap" by race or class, no 
reduction in child poverty, no narrowing of income inequality, 
and no diminution in the prison population. However, it has 
resulted in huge profits for Pearson and other testing firms;
 the reduction of teacher morale to its lowest level in history; 
expansion of "Teach-For-A-While" elite programs where teaching 
is viewed as a career stepping stone, and the proliferation of
education consultants and charter school leaders making 6-figure 
salaries. Look at what's going on in your city & your 
community since high-stakes testing has been imposed (2001).
 Have students in poor and under-served communities been 
empowered? Are they enjoying school more? Are their families 
being energized by the new choices they now have? Or, have 
precious portions of the school day, that should be devoted to the 
arts, music, sports, physical education, been sacrificed as schools 
are deluged with tests? Have special needs & English Language 
Learners been marginalized because they might lower a class or 
school's test profile? There is a story to be told here, school by school,
 city by city, state by state. Your TV, radio, and newspapers haven't 
told it yet. It's up to you to tell it. Be heard." - Inspired by Mark Naison

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