Thursday, May 3, 2012

Concerned about REPA TWO? Contact these folks:

Indiana Select Commission on Education will be convening a meeting with the Superintendent of Public Instruction on May 21. Here are the members of this committee:

You can email the legislators here:

Here are the minutes from last months meeting:

The idea that pseudo teachers who lack first hand experience and extensive pedagogical knowledge could be issued a teaching license merely by passing an IDOE test is very disheartening.
REPA 2 will enable public and charter school administrators to hire the least-prepared and least-experienced teachers to work with significant numbers of  heterogeneous groups of children including those who exist in psycho-emotionally fragile states. From a moral standpoint, the IDOE occupies the low ground on this issue and is misguided in thinking that the least prepared teachers can somehow provide the highest quality learning experiences for children. From a qualitative standpoint, there is no comparison to an educator who has devoted her/his life to teaching and has the professional education credentials to back it up.

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