Thursday, May 24, 2012

Indiana Department of Education will attempt to change special education and fine arts teacher licensing rules: Stay Tuned....

Public commenting on REPA 2 teacher licensing rule changes are slated to open today on May 24, however, that is subject to change.
I will post the link to the IDOE public comment page as soon as it is made available.

In the mean time, some points to ponder: What does it mean for students, parents and taxpayers to have teacher candidates without a comprehensive professional education background, working with students in fine arts or special education classes across Indiana Public Schools?

What kind of learning experiences are children likely to encounter with adults who have little or no training in education methods, pedagogy or child development who have been selected to teach visual arts, music or special education students?

Do parents and taxpayers expect special education, fine arts and music education teacher candidates to have extensive training as professional educators in the areas they have been intrusted to engage Hoosier school children in?

At the end of the public comment period, 21 days from it's inception, there will be ONE hearing. This will be your chance to personally speak and provide more insight into your concerns about these proposed rule changes.

Stay tuned!


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