Friday, May 11, 2012

REPA 2: Points of Concern

Creation of adjunct teaching permits, for which the only criteria are a 3.0/4.0 undergraduate grade point average and passage of the content assessment.  Adjunct teachers would not be required to complete any preparation in how to teach nor pass the new pedagogy assessment required for new teacher licenses.

-          Restrictions of the teacher license renewal criteria to only the results of teacher evaluations earned in their local schools with no external expectations for professional development.

-          Elimination of the opportunity to renew existing 10 year licenses.

-          Ability to add any content area to an existing license without any developmentally appropriate content or teaching preparations.  This change includes the potential for license additions in the fine arts, special education, early childhood education and elementary education by licensed individuals simply passing a test.

-          Changes to special education preparation that would not require any subject area preparation or expertise.

-          Changes to the building principal license requirements, changes that reduce degree requirements and eligibility criteria at a time in which the building principals are being asked to do significantly more.

-          Changes in the approval/accreditation criteria for state teacher preparation programs with no reference to national or professional criteria nor to a clear review process or time line.

In summary, the Indiana Department of Education made significant changes to teacher and administrator licensing and teacher preparation just two years ago; changes which have yet to be implemented fully even by the Department of Education.  Coming before the original REPA revisions are fully implemented, REPA 2 will add significantly to the high level of instability in the policy environment affecting teachers and schools in Indiana.  Perhaps, the primary recommendation should be "wait"; to allow for the changes made in 2010 to be implemented and for the results to be seen.  If consideration of REPA 2 is not deferred, it is important to be aware of the proposed changes and to speak out on specific revisions needed to maintain quality standards for licensure and to avoid further de-professionalization of teaching.  Review the proposed rules at  More details about the public comment Website and the public hearing will be forthcoming.


  1. Thanks for the awareness.

    Right now, they've got teachers by the you know what. Can't believe they want to crush them even more.

  2. Ultimately, the damage done to children and their intellectual, psychological and emotional health will be profound. I thank you for all of your efforts Horace Mann!!