Sunday, February 28, 2010


SB 309 or HB 1367 in a form that optimizes the usage of excessive cash balances, rainy day funds, offers flexibility in transfering money among various school funds and does not freeze salary increments is currently supported by the Indiana Association of Superintendents, Indiana School Board Association, Indiana Federation of Teachers and the ISTA.

However, there is much to be negotiated here within the next week in order for emergency school funding to be passed. Anything can happen during this time.

I need your help.

Legislators need to here from you.

I will be at the State House on March 2nd. If you can join me, I encourage you to stop by.

One cannot say we are preparing our children for the challenges of the 21st Century by increasing class sizes and narrowing or eliminating essential learning opportunities like art and music. The State of INDIANA needs to keep the promise of quality, well rounded educational opportunities for all of the 1.1 million children who attend public schools.

Call, write or contact your legislator and let them know you want them to support emergency education funding.

We cannot afford future failures of imagination.

Thank you for all that you do for the children in Indiana.

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