Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HB1367 Stripped of Emergency Funding Flexibility Provisions

See: ISTA Legislative Hotline:

Despite the rhetoric by state politicians of providing local control of schools to the local communities where those schools exist, Indiana communities will have lost that ability once this legislation passes. Local school boards will not have the power to fund their school programs and teachers as they see fit.

Control of education funding limits school districts ability to support a curriculum that provides for a well rounded education.

Indiana children's opportunities for meaningful, personalized learning experiences will soon be marginalized, narrowed and re centralized by an autocratic governing board controlled by powerful forces in Indiana State Government.

According to recent trends in funding priorities, Indiana State Government is not doing enough to facilitate 21st Century learning skills.

Contact your legislator today and tell them you are concerned with the direction of school funding and future of our public schools. There are cuts taking place all around the state and our legislators do not understand where they are taking place.

If you know where local school program cuts or staff cuts are taking place, let your
legislators know what is going on. Contact them here.

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