Tuesday, February 2, 2010

H.B. 1367 Passes in the Indiana House of Representatives

Today, HB1367 passed in the Indiana House of Representatives by a party line vote. Fifty one Democrats voted to pass emergency funding measures designed to prevent catastrophic public education program and staffing cuts that would have lead to higher class sizes, a narrowed curriculum and cuts in dynamic learning opportunities for children in music and art. 48 Republicans voted against it.

The bill will move to the Indiana Senate where it will undoubtedly be compromised. The Indiana Senate has a competing funding bill of which one of the main features is to freeze educator's pay. I can tell you this, there are educators in Indiana who have not had pay raises for the past 6 years and they have worked very hard during that time.

We need to let Indiana Senate Repbulicans know the children, teachers and administrators who work within our public schools who had nothing to do with the economic crisis, deserve better than the higher class sizes and narrowed curriculum that will result from the Governor's education budget cuts.

Let's be clear: Public schools educate over 90% of Indiana's children.

Public Education deserves more support than is currently recieved from the Governor and his political allies in the General Assembly and Indiana Department of Education.

We need citizens to speak up and take action. Share this email with your colleagues, family and constituents and ask them to write or call their legislators, better yet pay them a visit if they come to your local community or visit them at the state house. We need Indiana state senators to hear from the voting public asap.

Public education, which the state of Indiana is constitutionally obligated to support, needs to be adequately maintained so educators can deliver meaningful, quality educational experiences to our children.

Contact your state senator here.

Tell them to support H.B. 1367.

We cannot afford future failures of imagination.

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