Friday, February 12, 2010

Monday, Feb. 15 Committee Hearings

Greetings Everybody. Here is the info on upcoming legislation on emergency education school funding bills HB1367 and SB309.

The HB1367 will be in Senate Rules committee for dicussion. Contact these Senators and let them know of your concerns on school funding.

Chair: Senator Long
Members: Wyss R.M., Bray, Charbonneau, Gard, Lawson, Merritt, Steele, Simpson R.M.M., Hume, Lanane, Sipes.

This is a critical time in the school funding legislative process. Your silence means you consent to these cuts.

The time to speak out is now!

SB 309 will be discussed and examined by the House Education Committe Monday also.

Hear are the members of that committee:

Chair: Representative Porter
Vice Chair: Representative Oxley
Members: Cheatham, Kersey, Riecken, V. Smith, VanDenburgh. Behning R.M.M., Clere, Noe, M. Smith, Thompson.

Any language in the Senate education bill that cuts teachers pay without their consent, is bad for education and the hardworking professionals who work with over 1.1 million Indiana school children. Many teachers have not had pay raises in several years.

Let your Representatives know how you feel.

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